Head Harness Speedglas G5-01

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Complete head harness (part number 613200) to suit the 3M™ Speedglas™ Heavy Duty Welding Helmet G5-01.

  • Fully customisable head harness with market-leading 6 points of adjustment
  • Improved, self-adjusting comfort paddles along the forehead for extra comfort and balance
  • Control the distance and angle from your eyes to the clear visor and welding lens
  • Precision tightening with smooth ratchet mechanism
  • Adjustable crown straps for more even balance and weight distribution
  • Also compatible with an optional extra-large head harness back cushion for optimal comfort (part number 536211)
  • Suits the Speedglas™ Welding Helmet G5-01 only.


The new 3M Speedglas Heavy Duty Welding Helmet G5-01 features a fully-adjustable head harness with self-adjusting comfort paddles along the forehead. The new head harness is designed to avoid pressure points on your head, helping to reduce fatigue and avoid vulnerable areas. The ability to adjust your harness and tailor it to fit your personal preferences means more comfort, all day long.

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