Welding Helmet Selector

A Tool Just for You...
Ever asked which welding helmets are best? Or how to pick a welding helmet? Not sure which welding respirator system is best for you? Try our auto darkening welding helmet selector to find a welding mask that best suits your individual welding needs. Simply answer 10 questions on your mobile or desktop to find the welding equipment best suited to your specific welding applications.

Do you TIG Weld?

If you TIG Weld, Do you TIG-weld below 20 amps or is your arc often hidden?

Do you weld over 300 amps?

Do you require head protection?

What size welding lens do you prefer?

How much of your day consists of direct welding?

How much grinding do you do using your welding helmet?

What are the light conditions in your work place?

How much welding fume does your welding process produce?

Is heat or fogging up inside the welding helmet a problem for you?

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