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3M™ Cooling Vortex including muffler excluding hose to suit 3M™ Speedglas™ Respiratory Welding Helmets (part number AWS4590).

  • Lightweight and compact (575 grams including belt & hose)
  • For use with Speedglas™ respiratory welding helmets
  • Provides comfort and helps reduce worker fatigue
  • Airflow range 170-425 litres per minute
  • Reduces air temperature by up to 28°C
  • Meets AS/NZS1716 performance standards
  • Easily adjust temperature.


The V-100 Vortex Cooler helps to regulate the flow and temperature of supplied air to your welding helmet or face shield. Using the cooler, users can receive a significant increase in cool airflow, helping to improve productivity and minimise fatigue. The Cooling Vortex regulator offers adjustable airflow between 170-425 litres per minute, allowing it to reduce the air temperature inside your head top by up to 28°C.

The 3M Vortex cooler is perfect for hot working conditions or when physical activity is required. This system suits the 3M Speedglas™ respiratory welding helmets with a supplied air source.

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