The 3M™ Speedglas™ Difference

The Swedish safety culture is known and respected worldwide and "Made in Sweden" has become a symbol of quality. Manufactured in Sweden, the 3M™ Speedglas™ auto-darkening welding helmets and 3M™ Adflo™ powered air  welding respirator systems have become synonymous with quality and personal safety in the welding equipment industry.

Since inventing and launching the first auto-darkening welding helmet, Speedglas™ has continued to set the benchmark for Safety, Versatility, Performance & Comfort with exclusive features and superior manufacturing techniques in its range of welding equipment:

Welding Equipment built for Safety

All Speedglas Welding helmets are Compliant with the Relevant Australian and New Zealand Performance Standards:

You should always ensure that your selection of personal protection equipment is compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standards. It is important to note that ANSI (US) or EN (European) standards are not directly interchangeable with the corresponding Australian and New Zealand Standard. Therefore, it is strongly advised that equipment not compliant with AS/NZS1337 or AS/NZS1337.1 for high impact not be used for grinding applications, regardless of whether the helmet has a grind mode. In addition, in the event that welding equipment with head protection is required, it is recommended that only safety helmets compliant with AS/NZS1801 performance standards be considered.

Five Levels of Welding Protection

The Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmet series offers integrated eye (AS/NZS1338.1), face (AS/NZS1337.1), head (AS/NZS1801), respiratory (AS/NZS1716) and hearing protection (AS/NZS1270).

Smarter Electronics & Auto-On

The new Speedglas 9100XXi features auto-on which means as soon as you pick up your welding helmet, the 9100XXi lens automatically turns ON to your latest welding setting. The helmet then turns off after a period of non-movement. All Speedglas 9100 lenses have custom designed multi-function programmed logic chips that minimise the number of discrete surface mounted components; leading to improved reliability - an important safety feature. Speedglas 9100XXi printed circuit boards are designed and manufactured in-house in Sweden and built for Australia’s hot and humid conditions.

SideWindows for Peripheral Vision

The first time a welder puts on a Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmet with SideWindows they realise they can see with enhanced peripheral vision. Previously hidden peripheral hazards (beams, obstacles, other workers) are now visible through two, shade 5 side lenses. The SideWindows provide conventional shade 13 UV/10 IR protection and allow the welder to move quickly and safely around the work area. Additionally, welders don't feel boxed in, meaning they leave the helmet in the safe down position more often.

Powered or Supplied Air Options

Speedglas 9100 Adflo powered air respirators and V-500E supplied air regulators provide air directly to the breathing zone. The Speedglas 9100 series is suitable for use with powered and supplied air - an important feature as your respiratory protection requirements may change over time. The Adflo welding respirator is the welder’s PAPR of choice, built specifically for the welder's environment. The Adflo also allows welders to 'stack on' an optional odour or gas filter - an important feature when it comes to filtering certain fumes and gases.

Welding Equipment with Extended Protection - Ears, Head and Neck

The Speedglas 9100 auto-darkening welding helmet series has been designed for increased coverage of the welder's ears, neck and head. The design extends back further than common welding helmets on the top, sides and base for increased coverage. A flame resistant fabric extension may be attached to the helmet to provide added head, neck and ear protection.

Welding Equipment built for Versatility:

Built for Your Specific Application

The Speedglas 9100 auto-darkening welding helmet series is the brand's most versatile series ever - whether you need to stick, MIG, or TIG weld. Whether it's a high amp or low amp (down to 1 amp) application. Whether you need to grind, cut, tack or weld with hidden arc. Whether you need powered air or supplied air respiratory protection. Whether you need flip-up functionality with a large curved grinding visor or you need a safety helmet for overhead protection, or perhaps you need an integrated solution with all of the above - head, eye, face, respiratory and hearing protection. Whatever your application, Speedglas welding equipment has you covered.

A Long Term Investment

If you don't need respiratory protection right now, you can always upgrade at a later stage using the exact same Speedglas 9100 series lens. An auto-darkening welding helmet today, a welding shield with a flip-up high impact grinding visor, safety helmet, powered or supplied air welding respirator system tomorrow. Speedglas is a long term welding equipment investment for professional welders.

Welding Equipment Built for Performance:

Unrivalled Switching

Contrary to popular belief, it is irrelevant the number of photo-sensors an auto-darkening welding helmet has, provided they consistently detect the welding arc. The question therefore is not how many sensors does the helmet have, but rather how sensitive is the lens? Speedglas 9100 welding equipment is rated for use down to an industry leading 1 amp.

The Best Possible Optical Quality now with True-View

The new Speedglas 9100XXi series features True-View. Thanks to improved optics, True-View allows you to more readily recognise colours and contours. Literally see the difference when you focus on your welding set-up, welding technique, precision grinding, and inspection of just-completed welds. Speedglas 9100 lenses have the best optical classification possible with a rating of 1/1/1 (where one is the highest and three is the lowest). When combined with the Speedglas peripheral SideWindows you experience a view like no other that must be seen to be believed.

Largest Viewing Area on the Market

The Speedglas 9100 series has one of the largest viewing areas available on the welding equipment market at an impressive 73x107mm. This is 85% larger than a standard sized Speedglas lens and almost 35% bigger than most of the largest competitor viewing areas. When the peripheral viewing area of the 9100 series SideWindows is added, it gives you the largest viewing area currently available amongst auto-darkening welding helmets on the Australian and New Zealand markets at the time of publishing this website.

A Welding Helmet that Remembers You

Ever wished your welding helmet could remember the settings for your most frequently performed applications? Now just like the radio in your car you can pre-set your welding helmet to remember your most used settings. Simply hold the external button to jump between your two pre-set modes that remember the dark shade, sensitivity and delay set-up. Need to grind? Simple. Press the external button and you’re in grind mode, press it again to return to your pre-set welding mode. Set and forget and never touch the internal panel again!

Flip-up FX Mechanism:

A flip-up combination of an auto-darkening welding helmet and a curved 17x10cm high impact clear protective visor. With this welding equipment welder's can have integrated eye, face and respiratory protection – whether the wearer is grinding, welding, setting up or simply walking through a work zone. The clear visor maintains respiratory protection at all times, whilst providing clear 170° vision and high impact protection compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS1337.1.

Durable and Robust with First Class Local Support

Surrounding the advanced functionality is one of the most durable and robust lens and shell constructions on the auto-darkening welding helmet market. The shell is humidity resistant and the lens is constructed to last. As a result the Speedglas 9100 lens is supplied with a three year warranty. Add this to the first class AWS product support and the availability of replacement parts and accessories and you see that Speedglas welding equipment really is in a class of its own. The fact that we still carry spare parts for the 9000 series that we released in 1994 demonstrates the level of support and quality you receive from the Speedglas brand and products.

Welding Equipment Built for Comfort

The Speedglas 9100 Head Harness

The Speedglas 9100 was built with comfort as a priority. The helmet is superbly balanced and has set the benchmark for comfort in auto-darkening welding helmets. The head harness features two crown straps that allow for better weight distribution and avoids placing pressure on major blood vessels and nerves. The back of the harness features a self-adjusting swivel that adapts to the head shape of the wearer, with the front of the harness self-adjusting to match the forehead. Every major section of the harness can be adjusted for a custom fit.

Exhaust Vents

The Speedglas 9100 series comes standard with heat and fog reducing exhaust vents in all non-respirator welding helmets. The vents direct the welder's exhaled air out of the helmet which keeps the welder cool and the lens fog-free.

Heat Reflecting Silver Front

The signature silver front on a Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmet is not just a design feature. The silver front also reflects heat from the weld keeping the welder cool and comfortable.

Respiratory - Personal Air Conditioning

The continuous airflow of powered or supplied air provides filtered air that takes much of the heat and sweat out of welding. By using the Adflo welding respirator, the welder experiences both increased protection and comfort all day long. A personal air conditioner is also available and can decrease the air temperature of the supplied air by as much as 30 degrees.