Tegera 126A TIG Welding Gloves

Tegera 126A TIG Welding Gloves

Part Number: TEGERA126A

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Product Information

Product Information

Ejendals™ Tegera® 126A TIG welding gloves (part number TEGERA126A).

  • Legendary TEGERA ‘resting-fit’
  • Must try dexterity and fingertip sensitivity
  • Industry’s best quality, vertically-cut, full-grain goatskin
  • Unique TIG index finger design
  • Long ‘slim-fit’ 180° elasticated TIG cuff
  • Unrivalled TEGERA robustness & durability

  • Withstands contact heat up to 100°C.

The Tegera 126A welding gloves by Ejendals are specially designed for precision TIG welding. Formed out of top quality, vertically-cut full-grain goatskin, the gloves provide excellent touch and feel. These gloves are designed with Ejendals' legendary resting fit for extra comfort and dexterity, while the long slim 180° elasticated cuff design provides a snug fit on your hand. Tegera126A’s are equipped with a unique index finger specifically designed for TIG welding, providing unmatched sensitivity and feel through the fingers. Reinforced seams and high-quality leather make this a durable option for protection from sparks, splatter and splash when welding or grinding.

This glove provides protection from contact heat up to 100° C and is suitable for many types of light work including (but not limited to): welding, grinding, metal fabrication and automotive.

For further specifications please see table below.


TYPE OF GLOVE TIG welding gloves
PALM MATERIAL Full grain goatskin of top quality
BACK MATERIAL Full grain goatskin of top quality
LINING Unlined
CUFF STYLE Safety cuff
FASTENING Elasticated 180°
LENGTH 350 mm
COLOUR White, yellow
MATERIAL SPECIFICATION Leather, natural latex
FEATURES Withstands contact heat up to 100°C, reinforced index finger, reinforced seams
PRIMARY PROTECTION Prevents risk of burn injuries, heat injuries, abrasion injuries, blisters, scratches, lacerations, grazes and contact with dirt
PRIMARY ENVIRONMENTS OF USE All-year use, warm environments, dirty environments, harsh environments
PRIMARY AREAS OF USE Assembly, engineering, metalwork, welding, hot work, mining
PRIMARY INDUSTRIES OF USE Mining, oil, gas, petrochemical, metal fabrication, automotive
TYPE OF WORK Light weight

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Reviews & Ratings
the sensitivity and touch is unrivalled, my new glove of choice
Review by: Matthew
Product Rating
Have been using these for a couple months the dexterity is unbeatable and super sensitive
Review by: Mark
Product Rating
They're good gloves. Used a pair for 3 weeks and not one hole!
Review by: Josh
Product Rating

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