PPE Safety Products Overview

AWS wholesales the complete range of 3M™ Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available through hundreds of safety suppliers around Australia and New Zealand. Featured on this website is our core range of safety equipment with detailed information on where to buy locally and online. Please find our key PPE equipment product overview below.

Respiratory Protection PPE

Featuring reusable respiratory masks and associated replacement filters, disposable respiratory masks, 3M powered and supplied air replacement filters and AWS breathing air filtration for supplied and compressed air. Within this personal protective equipment category you will find dust masks, half face and full face respirators, welding respirators, spray painting masks and 3M masks suitable for asbestos. If you require assistance with your 3M respirator selection please explore the learn about respiratory safety and the FAQ section for more information or feel free to ask a question.

Hearing Personal Protective Equipment

Featuring a wide selection of 3M ear muffs, 3M ear plugs and hearing PPE, the ear protection range from 3M has you covered. Including 3M’s range of Peltor ear muffs and E-A-R disposable and reusable earplugs this safety equipment range can offer class 5 hearing protection.

Head, Eye & Face Protection Safety Equipment

This range of PPE equipment includes 3M Safety Glasses and the 3M Versaflo High Impact M-Series Face Shield Series with powered or supplied air respiratory protection. The Versaflo M-Series Visors are lightweight and well-balanced and offer integrated eye protection, face protection and respiratory protection with optional head protection and hearing protection.

Hand Protection, Gloves and Gauntlets

The Tegera range of welding gloves from Ejendals in Sweden include the highest quality welding gauntlets for Stick welding and MIG welding and TIG gloves for optimum touch, dexterity and feel. The range of welder’s gloves and heat resistant gloves are constructed from a variety of materials including goatskin, split grain cow hide and Kevlar featuring gloves which are cut-resistant, water and oil repellent and can withstand high contact heat, welding sparks and grinding splash.

Body Protection & Disposable Coveralls

3M offers an impressive range of high quality disposable coveralls that offer breathable comfort and personal protection you can rely on. Included in this PPE range are protective coveralls with specific treatments that provide improved anti-static and flame spread resistant properties, different colour options and a wide range of accessories to complement the full body suit. The 3M coverall range provides peace of mind for effective use and protection against many industrial hazards.

Portable Pipe Freezing Equipment

This product category features Jetfreezer portable pipe freezing equipment and Snowpack dry ice making equipment from Air Liquide.

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