Breathing Air Filter 0.01 Micron (Lower) 5 Person

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Breathing Air element 0.01 micron particle filter (lower) 5 person (part number WBA5XA).

  • 0.01 micron particle filter for AWS supplied air filtration system
  • Suited to Supplied Air systems purchased before 2018
  • Removes dirt, rust & particulate matter down to 0.01 micron in size, whilst coalescing liquids and gives a maximum oil carryover of 0.01 ppm (does not include vapour)
  • Suitable for 5 person system only
  • In compliance with AS/NZS1715 for respiratory protection
  • If you require more information, please visit the Product Literature tab above.


The 0.01 micron filter for AWS breathing air systems effectively filters supplied air to ensure the user receives clean, safe air. The filter removes all dust, rust and particulate matter down to 0.01 microns in size with a maximum oil carryover of 0.01 parts per million. This filter is only suitable for the 5 person systems (for 0.01 micron particle filter for use with 1 & 3 users please see part number WBA3XA).

It is recommended to replace the micron filter every 6 months or after 1000 hours to ensure air quality and safety. This filter is compliant with AS/NZS1715 requirements for respiratory protection.

Please note that this breathing air system filter should not be used when using air pressure in excess of 10 bar.

More information is available in the Product Literature Tab above.

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