3M™ M-Series Face Shield & Safety Helmet M-307 with V-500E Supplied Air Regulator

3M™ M-Series Face Shield & Safety Helmet M-307 with V-500E Supplied Air Regulator

Part Number: 891307

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Product Information

Product Information

3M™ Versaflo™ Face Shield & Safety Helmet M-307 with Versaflo™ V-500E Supplied Air Regulator (part number 891307).

  • Excellent peripheral and downward vision
  • Outstanding optical clarity
  • Chemical and scratch resistant clear visor
  • Belt-mounted regulator for extra comfort
  • Airflow adjustment between 170-305 litres per minute
  • Required Minimum Protection Factor (RMPF) of 100+
  • Low flow warning whistle
  • Auxiliary port for separate air tools
  • New quick release hose connection
  • Optional head, shoulder and neck cover
  • Flame resistant face seal
  • Helmet attachable earmuffs available separately (part no. 197011)
  • Respiratory, head and face protection (AS/NZS1716, AS/NZS1801, AS/NZS1337.1).


3M Versaflo M-307 Shield with Versaflo V-500E Supplied Air Regulator provides a high level of respiratory, head and face protection.

The M-300 series features a handy combination of a safety helmet and face shield and Supplied Air Regulator designed for working in tough and strenuous conditions. A wide viewing area gives you great optical clarity while a scratch-resistant lens coating is ideal for heavy-duty applications.

The Versaflo regulator is ideal for comfortable respiratory protection where supplied air is essential. The Versaflo system lets you adjust your airflow level between 170-305 litres per minute for work in hot and humid environments, and provides a RMPF of 100+.

The Versaflo regulator is belt-mounted and also features a ¼ inch BSP auxiliary port, allowing for easy simultaneous connection to air tools while you work. Common tasks where the V-500E with 307 headtop may be used include industrial work, woodworking, grinding, manufacturing and coating.

This complete system complies with AS/NZS1716 (respiratory protection), AS/NZS1801 (head protection) and AS/NZS1337.1 (high impact face protection) standards. Optional hearing protection is also available (part number 197011), meeting AS/NZS1270 standards.

Optional head, neck and shoulder cover (M-976) and optional flame resistant headtop cover (M-972) are also available.


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