3M™ Peltor™ X4 X-Series Earmuffs High Visibilty Extreme Series Helmet Attached, Class 5

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3M™ Peltor™ X4P3EG helmet attachable earmuffs (part number X4P3EG).

  • Helmet attachable earmuffs are lightweight with a slim profile
  • Class 5 hearing protection (SLC80 27dB)
  • New ear cushion design for improved attenuation during loud tasks
  • For use within manufacturing, automotive, construction, pharmaceutical, metal fabrication and general industries
  • Foam liners and earmuff cushions are replaceable (hygiene kit part number HYX4).

The new 3M X4P3EG hard hat attachable earmuffs are excellent for use across a range of industries. The X4P3EG earmuffs attach to most industry standard safety helmets, providing high class hearing protection against medium to high level industrial noise.

Exposure to loud noises over a prolonged time period can lead to significant hearing loss or industrial deafness. Every time you are exposed to loud noises without earmuffs, you are hurting your hearing.

The X4 earmuffs are lightweight with a slim profile, with innovative ear cushions that provide a high level of protection with good attenuation. The X4A cap attached earmuffs have a Class 5 hearing protection rating (SLC80 27dB) and represent the latest advancement in hearing technology from 3M.

Common applications where the X4P3EG earmuffs might be used include carrying out maintenance work, electrical tasks, sanding, grinding or demolition work.

A hygiene kit containing replacement ear cushion protectors is also available (part number HYX4).

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