3M™ Peltor™ X4 X-Series Earmuffs High Visibility Extreme Series Neckband, Class 5

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3M™ Peltor™ X4B neckband earmuffs (part number X4B).

  • New X4B earmuffs are exteremly lightweight with a slim, low profile
  • Comfortable neckband for prolonged use
  • Offer Class 5 hearing protection (SLC80 27dB)
  • Innovative ear cushions help improve attenuation
  • For protection against moderate to high level industrial noise and use in general industry
  • Replacement ear cup hygiene kit available (part number HYX4)
  • Can be worn with a variety of face shields or helmets including the Speedglas 9100, 9100 Air, 9100 FX, Speedglas 100 series and 3M 10V welding helmets
  • Also available in headband (part no. X4A) and hard hat-attached styles (part no. X4AP3E)

The new Peltor™ X4B neckband earmuffs are lightweight and comfortable for all-day use across a variety of applications. Offering Class 5 protection (SLC80 27dB) against exposure to loud industrial noises, the X4B earmuffs help minimise the chance of hearing loss or damage.

Common applications where the X4B earmuffs may be used include carrying out maintenance work, welding, sanding, grinding or construction work. For welding, these earmuffs will fit underneath the Speedglas 100 series, Speedglas 9100, 9100 Air and 9100 FX models, as well as the 3M 10V welding helmet.

For maintaining your earmuffs, a hygiene kit containing replacement ear cushion protectors is also available (part number HYX4).

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