3M™ Peltor™ Protac™ Shooter Headband Earmuffs

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 The 3M™ PELTOR™ ProTac™ Shooter headset is designed to protect against harmful impact noise while allowing you to communicate with others nearby (MT13H223A).

  • High attenuation protection
  • Ambient listening through level dependent function
  • Listen only 3.5mm hearing input for use with audio devices
  • Menu system is voice guided
  • Automatically switches off after 4 hours non-use
  • Warning sound alerts user  when battery is low
  • Corrosion resistant electronics are located in outer ear cup
  • Also available in smaller cup size with lower attenuation (see part number MT13H222A – 3M™  ProTac™  Hunter Headset)

The 3M ProTac Shooter Earmuffs are a high attenuation earmuff that allows ambient sounds, below 82dB, to be easily heard. These earmuffs increase your ability to communicate with other nearby people and are also available in a lower attenuation model (MT13H222A - Hunter Headset).

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