3M™ M-Series Flame Resistant Face Seal Face Shield Pk=5 M-937

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Pack of five replacement flame resistant face seals to suit 3M™ Versaflo™ M-Series face shields (M-937).

  • Flame retardant material
  • Protects against sparks, spatter, flames and hot material
  • Maintains positive pressure inside of face shield
  • For use with 3M Versaflo™ M-Series Face Shields and a respiratory system
  • Prevent hazardous particulates from entering helmet
  • Designed for greater comfort and durability
  • Comes standard in a pack of five.


The M-937 flame resistant face seals maintain air pressure within the face shield when using the 3M™Adflo™ PAPR or the Versaflo™ V-500E SAR. A flame retardant material prevents sparks, flames and hot matter from entering your face shield.

The face seal creates a barrier that prevents particulates from entering and contaminating the system. The flame resistant face seals provide protection from sparks, spatter, splash and other hot materials.

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