3M™ Peltor™ H10P3G Earmuffs Extreme Series Helmet Attached, Class 5

3M™ Peltor™ H10P3G Earmuffs Extreme Series Helmet Attached, Class 5

Part Number: MH10P3G

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Product Information

Product Information

3M™ Peltor™ H10P3G helmet attachable earmuffs (part number H10P3G).

  • High level noise protection and maximum comfort
  • A high Class 5 hearing protection rating (SLC80 33dB)
  • Easily attach to suitable helmet with a Z3G attachment
  • Innovative designed liquid & foam filled cushions provide a high quality noise seal
  • Also available in headband or neckband style
  • For use across a wide range of industries
  • Suitable for use with safety helmets including Protector Tuffmaster II, Protector HC600V, Protector Tuffmaster Lite and Unisafe Unilite models.

The H10P3G helmet attached 3M earmuffs offer high level hearing protection and are compatible with a range of industry standard safety helmets. The H10P3G earmuffs have an innovative foam cushion lining that provides a high quality noise seal.

A double casing within the earmuff allows for high-frequency attenuation and helps to minimise resonance. The H10 series cups feature an acoustic connection between the inner and outer layers which also provides maximum low-frequency attenuation.

Applications where these earmuffs may be used include construction, mechanics, service and maintenance, industrial tasks and tree removal.

These H10 series earmuffs are also available in a neckband style (part number H10B), headband style (H10A) and helmet attachable with a Z3E connection (H10P3E).

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Product Literature

  • 3M Passive Hearing Catalogue

  • 3M Earmuffs H10 Series Technical Data Sheet

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