3M™ 8577 Disposable Respirator Valved GP2 OV/AG, Box=10

3M™ 8577 Disposable Respirator Valved GP2 OV/AG, Box=10

Part Number: M8577

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Product Information

Product Information

Box of ten 3M™ 8577 particulate respirators GP2 (part number 8577).


  • Particulate protection with Nuisance Level* Organic Vapour relief
  • Suitable for low vapour pressure (below 1.3 Pa @ 25°C) organic compounds
  • GP2 Class rating
  • Activated carbon layer reduces nuisance level organic vapour and odour exposure
  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve effectively removes heat and moisture
  • Comfortable wear in hot and humid conditions
  • Suitable for various  applications including spraying, coating and metal fabrication
  • Protects against organic vapours such as solvents, resins and degreasers
  • Each box includes ten 8577 respirators
  • *Nuisance levels are those levels below the Safe Work Australia Exposure Standards.


The specialty 3M 8577 (GP2) respirator with nuisance level organic vapour relief is a disposable facemask that provides protection against oil and certain non-oil based particles within the workplace. The 8577 disposable respirator uses a carbon layer that reduces exposure to nuisance levels of organic vapour in the air, as well as providing P2 particulate cover.

The comfortable fit and advanced technology of the 3M Cool Flow valve make the 8577 disposable respirator suitable for warm, humid environments where physical exertion is required. The Cool Flow valve prevents heat and moisture build-up, providing low breathing resistance for sustained periods of use.

The 8577 disposable respirator complies with AS/NZS 1716 and has a GP2 classification. This makes it suitable for use with organic compounds with low vapour pressure and mechanically/thermally generated particles.


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