3M™ 6096 Organic Vapour, Mercury/Chlorine A1HgP3

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Pair of A1HgP3 Filters to suit 3M™ Reusable Respirators (part number 6096).

The 3M 6096 filters offer A1HgP3 protection when worn with a 3M full face respirator.

  • Organic Vapour (boiling point > 65ºC), Mercury Vapour, Chlorine Gas and Particulate (A1HgP3*) protection
  • Common uses may include oil refinery maintenance and shutdowns
  • For use with half and full face respirator masks
  • *Higher P3 protection factors only achieved with a 3M full face respirator, otherwise P2 protection level when worn on a 3M half face mask.

The 3M 6096 lightweight filters provide high level filtration against Organic Vapours, Mercury Vapours, Particulates and Chlorine Gas. These filters are designed for effective protection during shutdowns and maintenance at oil refineries.

Due to their low profile and lightweight design, the 6096 filters minimise disruptions to your field of view. Easily attach the filters to your 3M Full Face respirator via the bayonet connection system for a tight, safe and secure fit.

The higher P3 protection factor is only achieved when using the 3M 6096 filters with a 3M full face respirator. If used with a 3M half face mask, P2 protection level is achieved.

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