Which earmuffs will fit under my welding helmet?

Article By: Team AWS

As all welders know, working as a welder often coincides with exposure to high noise levels, which can cause irreparable damage to your hearing. Noises produced by welding, grinding and other industrial applications mean hearing protection is essential. Here, we take a look at why hearing protection is important and some earmuff options that fit comfortably underneath the Speedglas welding helmet range.

Why is hearing protection so important?

Any noise over 85 decibels is considered harmful to your ears. Sounds in the average workplace exceed this level more often than you’d think: whether from extended use of various tools or the sudden noisy spikes that routinely occur (from metal falling on metal etc.). The more your ears are exposed to harmful noise levels, the more susceptible you will be to Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). As a result, it is certainly worth wearing suitable hearing protection at every opportunity: we wrote a full outline of why this is necessary in a previous blog, which you can read below.

Learn more on the importance of hearing protection here

So which earmuffs are compatible with welding helmets?

Many welders are looking for earmuffs that will provide the highest possible hearing protection while also fitting under, or attaching to, their welding helmet. Here are 3 options that can be paired with helmets in the Speedglas range:

3M™ Peltor™ H505B Earmuffs Welding Series, Class 4 (Part No. 197012)

Will fit under: All 9100 and 9100 FX Series Helmets


These are ideal earmuffs for welding, with a robust, low profile and lightweight design that will fit under most helmets (including the Speedglas 9100 & 9100 FX series). They offer Class 4 hearing protection against hazardous noise levels, while still enabling you to hear warning sounds in an emergency. What’s more, the soft cushions reduce pressure around the ears, provide a comfortable fit for all day use and can be easily replaced for improved hygiene. All in all, a safe bet for a wide range of welding environments!

Check out the 3M Peltor H505B Earmuffs here

3M Peltor X4B Neckband Earmuffs, Class 5 (Part No. MX4B)

Will fit under: 9100XXi, 9100XXi Air, 9100 FX, 100 Series and 3M 10V Welding Helmet


The X4B neckband earmuffs offer the latest in earmuff technology, with Class 5 hearing protection. The X4B earmuffs are slim and lightweight – perfect for all day use.

PRO TIP: upgrade your X4B earmuffs by adding a Peltor Bluetooth Communication Kit (part no. MWSCUSHX). This kit is a real gamechanger and easily attaches to one side of your X4B earmuffs, giving you state-of-the-art wireless communication. Once you’ve paired the earmuffs to your smart phone or Bluetooth radio, you’ll be able to effortlessly switch between answering calls with the noise-cancelling microphone and listening to your favourite music – all at the touch of a button.

Check out the X4B Earmuffs here

Check out the Bluetooth Kit here

3M Peltor Earmuffs with Helmet Attachment, Class 3/4 (Part No. 197011)

Attaches to: 9100XXi MP Air, 3M M-200 and M-300 Face Shields


Rather than employing a neckband to go around the wearer, these are designed to seamlessly attach onto the integrated safety helmets on the 9100 MP Air (Class 4) and select M-Series Face Shields (Class 3). Once attached, the earcups tilt for optimum user comfort as well as providing quality hearing protection. Another lightweight, premium solution for hazardous noise levels in the workplace, these are a must if your work requires the use of head protection!

Check out the 3M Peltor Earmuffs with Helmet Attachment here

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