What to Look For When Welding Helmet Vision Is Important

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What to Look For When Welding Helmet Vision Is Important

Welding Helmet Vision

Welding helmet vision is a topic that is often discussed between welders, often with heated debate over which welding helmet is ‘the best welding helmet. So let’s take a look at the 4 elements that can matter most if welding helmet vision is important to you.

1. Power of Detection

Power of detection with consistent switching from light-to-dark and dark-to-light across a variety of different applications is crucial for viewing the arc. The photo-sensors on the side of the auto-darkening welding lens detect the light generated by the welding arc which triggers the welding lens to darken. When TIG welding, the welder’s arc produces less light and becomes more stable, so there is a need for more sensitive welding lens sensor technology to detect the arc. So how do you determine and compare each welding helmet’s ability to detect the arc?  

All auto-darkening welding helmets have a sensitivity rating - the 3M Speedglas Welding Helmet Series 9100XXi has the market leading and best rating possible, rated for welding down to 1 Amp.

Therefore, when it comes to welding lens sensors and power of detection, the sensitivity rating is the important factor… not the number of sensors

2. Welding Lens Optical Clarity

Welding lens clarity is crucial while welding and can help dramatically increase efficiency. A clearer view when setting up and increased accuracy when placing electrodes means a reduced need for grinding and rework.  Put simply, you can work faster when you can always see! Speedglas True-View Welding Lens technology used in the 9100XXi and 9002NC auto-darkening filters gives welders more colour and clarity for a more realistic view.

3. Welding Helmet with Peripheral Vision

No more ‘tunnel vision’! When a welder tries Speedglas SideWindows for the first time their face says it all. All of a sudden they can see their surroundings like they would without a welding helmet. Previously hidden peripheral hazards like beams, wires and other workers are now visible through two, shade 5 side windows with conventional shade 13 protection. It’s a feature loved by welders but also an important safety consideration.     

4. Welding Mask Viewing Area 

When it comes to welding helmet vision, size does matter. The Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet Series combines a huge 73 x 107mm True-View Welding Lens with peripheral SideWindows to give welders the Largest Welding Helmet Viewing Area on the Australian and New Zealand market at the time of writing this article.

If Welding Helmet Vision is important to you and you are looking for a welding helmet that delivers on the four points above, explore the Speedglas 9100 range by clicking the link below: 

View the Speedglas 9100 Welding Helmet Range 

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