Welding Helmet Selection Tool

Article By: Team AWS

How to Pick a Welding Helmet?

With so many different welding helmet brands and product options on the market, selecting a welding mask that’s perfect for your specific needs has never been more difficult. So instead of displaying our welding helmets in a way that makes you do all the hard work by matching welding shield features with your needs, we’ve reversed the process…

The Welding Helmet Selector Tool instead matches your needs to our range of welding helmets and only displays the masks that match your specific requirements. By answering 10 simple questions you will be presented with the auto-darkening helmets that fit perfectly with what you are after.

Try The Welding Helmet Selector Tool Here

Then What?

Once you have your options, simply click on the “Add to Compare” button to see how the welding masks presented differ from one another. Important features to consider include viewing area, lens clarity, sensitivity and amperage settings for TIG welding, as well as compatibility with respiratory protection. Once you know which mask would be best for you, click on the reviews to hear from other welders currently using this product. You can then choose to get a quote, ask a question, buy online or find your closest distributor. The whole reversed-process only takes a few minutes and you’ll have all the information you need to upgrade your welding protection today.

Or Maybe You Want To Pick Based On Welding Helmet Features?

If you are more-of-a “feature” person, then simply navigate to our Welding Helmet Features Page, where you can filter our complete range of shields based on the auto-darkening lens and mask features important to you. It’s never been easier to pick a welding mask and it all starts with answering one simple question: Do you want to choose your mask based on Welding Helmet Features or Your Welding Needs?

AWS and the 3M Speedglas Welding Safety Brand

Speedglas released the first auto-darkening welding shield ever in 1981 and has continued to set the benchmark for Safety, Versatility, Performance and Comfort with exclusive features and superior manufacturing techniques ever since. AWS is the sole agent for the 3M Speedglas Welding Safety brand in Australia and New Zealand.

Use the Welding Helmet Selector Tool

Filter Our Welding Helmets Based on Features

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