How does your welding helmet remember you?

Article By: Team AWS

After reaching out to welders across Australia, we heard from Speedglas customers who’ve had the same welding helmet for decades. It’s fair to assume that, over the course of such long-term use, you’re bound to learn exactly how your helmet works best for you. Well, now there are ways to make that knowledge count! In today’s Speedglas welding helmet models, the technology has advanced to a point where the welding helmet can remember the welder by making your preferred settings more accessible and streamlining your overall welding experience.

Here’s a full rundown of how your Speedglas helmet can remember you…


Since Speedglas released the first auto darkening welding helmet in 1981, welders have come to expect their lens to react as soon as an arc is struck. Auto-On technology (available across the Speedglas 9100 Series and Speedglas G5-01) not only ensures your Speedglas helmet is instantly ready to weld, but is also automatically programmed to the last setting you used.

This allows you to seamlessly continue your work after a break, which in turn is sure to improve your productivity in the long run. The correlation between Speedglas helmets and increased efficiency is something we’ve discussed in previous blogs, as it’s what can help the helmet effectively pay for itself in as little as 3 months (read more about this here).

View the 9100 Series with Auto On here

View the G5-01 Welding Helmet here


For all the convenience of returning to your last used setting, it’s not always what you need. No two days are the same for a professional welder, so you’ll invariably want to save multiple modes that cater to different welding applications.

With the Speedglas 9100XXi and 9100XXi Air, you can pre-set your 2 most popular welding settings and easily alternate between them at the touch of an external button! In the case of the 9100 Air this is especially useful, as it means you can cycle through settings without removing your helmet and breaking the positive pressure respiratory seal that protects you from carcinogenic welding fume.

Learn more about the 9100 Air here

New generation, better memory!

Building upon the 2 memory modes available in the 9100 series, the new Speedglas G5-01 boasts an almost encyclopedic memory… you can save up to 4 of your favourite settings, including dark state shades, variable colour tones, delay and sensitivity! The ability to adjust these settings remotely via the 3M Connected app gives you complete control over your welding lens while keeping your helmet and respiratory protection safely in place!

But the G5-01 doesn’t just memorise your preferences: it also records your welding statistics onto the app, enabling you to review your own welding activity. These stats include when your lens was first activated, hours on, hours in the dark state, hours in the light state AND the number of on/off cycles! Imagine knowing exactly how many hours you’ve welded in a month, a year or even an entire career!

See more G5-01 features here

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