A White Paper on Welding Fume

Article By: Team AWS

AWS and 3M recently teamed up to write a white paper on welding fume. After covering how welding fume is produced, what is welding fume and what does welding fume contain the paper dives into more serious topics such as the known health effects from welding exposures and takes a look at some strategies that can help to reduce exposure to welding fume. 

The welding fume white paper also discusses the differences between the available respiratory protection options to welders including powered air and supplied air welding respirators. 

Written in partnership by David Chippendale, Marketing Manager at AWS and Terry Gorman, Senior Occupational Hygienist and Technical Specialist from 3M’s Personal Safety Division, the white paper is definitely worth a read if you, or those you know, work in the welding industry or in proximity to welding fume. 

Find All The Welding Fume White Paper Information Here 

If you'd like more information on welding fume or any other information regarding welding safety, please feel free to contact us.

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