Respiratory protection for those working in close proximity to welders!

Article By: Team AWS

The need for respiratory protection also extends to workers who are working in close proximity to, but not carrying out, direct welding. Welding fume is carcinogenic and has the potential to stay suspended in the air for up to 48 hours after welding has stopped – meaning nearby workers may still be exposed if unprotected.

The 3M Versaflo M-Series clear visors with Adflo PAPR provide excellent protection for non-welders, with a RMPF of 50.

Why choose the M-Series?

- Protection for non-welders near welders

- Uses the same core Adflo spare parts (filters, battery etc)

- No fit testing required.

View the 3M Versaflo M-Series with Adflo PAPR here

3M Versaflo M-Series headtops with Adflo PAPR

The M-Series headtops are lightweight, compact, well-balanced and offer integrated respiratory protection with a Required Minimum Protection Factor (RMPF) of 50. Put simply, this means the air you breathe will be at least 50 times cleaner than what you would otherwise breathe unprotected.

Features include:

- High level particulate protection with optional gas filters

- High impact face shield with chemical/scratch resistant lens

- Safety helmet options available

- Excellent peripheral and downward vision

- Flame resistant face seal

- New upgraded Adflo™ is super light with rapid charge

- Two adjustable air flow settings 170/200 litres per minute

- Optional extras including earmuffs and head, shoulder and neck covers.

View the 3M Versaflo M-Series with Adflo PAPR here

Respiratory protection is important for non-welding applications, too!

While there has been much focus on welders in recent times, respiratory protection is critical also for workers carrying out non-welding tasks.

Exposure to dangerous particulates such as silica, asbestos, grinding dust, fibreglass and microbiological particles can have significant impacts on employee’s health. As such, wearing appropriate respiratory protection is crucial in minimising exposure.

Workers in need of this protection may include:

- Fitters

- Frontline medical workers

- Foundry workers

- People working with fibreglass

- Boat builders

- Metalworkers

- Maintenance crews

- Sugar mill workers

Are you protected?

View the 3M Versaflo M-Series with Adflo PAPR here

And finally… respiratory protection from airborne microbiological particles!

The M-Series headtops with Adflo PAPR can offer protection from mechanically generated, thermally generated and microbiological particles. The PAPR has a required minimum protection factor of 50, is fully compliant with the Australian and New Zealand Respiratory Standard (AS/NZS 1716) and features a particle filter that performs to PAPR-P3 level.

View the 3M Versaflo M-Series with Adflo PAPR here

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