Why use different leathers in different types of welding gloves?

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Why use different leathers in different types of welding gloves?

Why aren’t all welding gloves made from the same type of leather? Put simply, different welding applications require different glove features. The Ejendals TEGERA welding glove range from Sweden is specifically designed to maximise protection by giving you the best glove in each situation.

Welding gloves are usually made from one of or a combination of three main types of leather: cow hide, goat skin or pig skin. Each type of leather has unique features that differ from the others.

Cow hide is a material known for its durability – tough, robust and perfect for harsh environments. It is more comfortable and tactile than other materials, meaning that it is popular with welders who need protection over a prolonged period of time. The cow hide used in TEGERA 19 gauntlet gloves is also flame resistant up to 100C contact heat, giving welders a super comfortable glove that can endure tough welding applications.

Goat skin is another excellent material for making welding gloves, and is used when producing flexible gloves with a high dexterity level. Due to its flexibility, goat skin is perfect for manufacturing TIG welding gloves, as it gives the user increased fingertip sensitivity, resulting in more control while welding. Furthermore, the high fat content in the skin provides a natural moisture resistance, ideal for tough environments. The TEGERA range includes the TEGERA126A glove which is ideal for TIG welding due to its superb fingertip sensitivity, and the TEGERA134 glove which features full-grain goat skin leather turned inside-out which provides the unique combination of high dexterity and high heat resistance. The TEGERA134 welding glove has a cut 4 rating which is becoming more and more important on large sites around Australia.

You may also come across welding gloves made of pig skin. While pig skin welding gloves offer good breathability due to small holes in the skin, they are not recommended for use in high moisture environments and do not offer the flexibility required by professional welders.

 In selecting a welding glove, it is important to choose a glove which best suits your welding environment.


About the Ejendals Welding Glove Brand

The Swedish TEGERA welding glove brand is owned by European Glove Powerhouse – Ejendals. Ejendals provides welders with the highest quality welding glove leather, ergonomically designed to provide the best fit for the world’s most complex tool - the hand! By paying a premium price in the short term, the welder is more comfortable, more precise and pays less in the long run. TEGERA welding gloves are built to outperform and outlast!


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