Which form of welders’ respiratory protection is the most economical?

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Which form of welders’ respiratory protection is the most economical?

We all know that powered air respiratory protection provides 5 times cleaner air than that offered by a half mask respirator (disposable or reusable). But which option is the most economical long-term solution?

Because the answer to this question varies depending on multiple factors, we decided to build a calculator to do all the hard work for you.

Run your own custom calculation using our Powered Air Cost Calculator

The Powered Air Cost Calculator compares the cost of disposable or reusable respiratory protection against the cost of an integrated welding helmet with powered air from market leader 3M™ Speedglas™. Simply select the half-face respirator you currently use, enter the details of how often you change your respirator or filters, select the welding helmet you would like to use in the future and let the calculator do the rest.

The calculator allows you to run a custom cost analysis using the parameters from your workplace. Who knows, the top of the line powered air welding helmet from Speedglas may actually be the more economical option for your workplace. Not only can you kick the old helmet and the uncomfortable sweaty respirators to the curb, you can do it while benefiting from 5 times the level of respiratory protection.

Please contact AWS if you’d like more information on selecting suitable respiratory protection for your specific welding application: we can arrange an onsite cost analysis or set-up a tool-box talk on welding safety.

Furthermore, if you’d like more information on welding safety or welding fume please take a look at the resources provided below.

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