What are the key differences between the Speedglas G5-01 and the Speedglas 9100 FX Air?

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What are the key differences between the Speedglas G5-01 and the Speedglas 9100 FX Air?

The 3M Speedglas 9100 FX Air with the award winning Adflo PAPR launched in 2011 and quickly established itself as the professional welder’s Welding Helmet PAPR of choice. Over the last 9 years, the Speedglas 9100 FX Air has literally helped shape and build Australia and New Zealand, employed within thousands of Australian and New Zealand businesses. If you are one of the tens of thousands of Aussie or Kiwi welders who own a Speedglas 9100 FX Air you may be wondering what the key differences are between your current kit and the new Speedglas G5-01.

To this end, we have created a quick list of key benefits. To save time, scan the bold headings and only read a little deeper on the features that appeal to you.  

Variable Colour Technology

G5-01VC lens

Both helmets feature Speedglas TrueView technology, however, the Speedglas G5-01 takes colour technology one step further by giving you control over the colour tone of your dark state.

Larger welding lens and clear grinding visor

The Speedglas FX Air exploded onto the market with the largest viewing area available. The Speedglas G5-01 lifts the bar with the largest Speedglas welding lens viewing area ever. The clear grinding visor is also over 15% larger.

More Narrow Profile  

The Speedglas G5-01 has taken the FX Air profile and improved it by offering greater coverage and protection while decreasing width. The Speedglas G5-01 offers welders a more narrow profile for tight spaces.

Airflow Climate Control

G5-01 Airflow - Face or Visor?

Did you ever get dry eyes, dry mouth or runny nose from the constant flow of clean air provided by your powered air protection? Guided by welders’ feedback, the G5-01 now allows you to control where the air is directed within the welding helmet with complete flow control.

Highest Global Respiratory Rating - APF 1000

The North and Latin American APF 1000 respiratory rating is the highest possible global respiratory rating possible and the Speedglas G5-01 has achieved this rating. Please note that this rating is not used in Australia or NZ.

Removable Flip-Up Welding Component

A new innovative feature allows you to quickly remove the flip-up auto-darkening component of the G5-01, leaving you with the clear visor for continuous powered air respiratory protection. For welders who undertake extended non-welding work this function allows you to decrease the weight of the helmet by over 35%.

Configurable Extra-Protection Options

Heavy-duty welders have asked for the ability to configure their protection to their needs and requirements. The Speedglas G5-01 allows you to fully customise your head and neck protection with nine different options.

New Head Harness with More Stable Fit

The 9100 head harness changed the game with the 6 point welding helmet head harnesses. The Speedglas G5-01 takes the head harness to a new comfort level, making adjustments a breeze.

Shade 14 for High Amps

Designed for heavy duty welders the G5-01 gives you a wider dark shade range (3/5/8-14) with a new high amperage shade 14 for the heavy, high amp applications.

Simplified Face Seal Connection

Ever changed a face seal? The new Speedglas G5-01 makes this necessary task simple with an innovative face seal connection.

Mobile connectivity

Pair your welding helmet to your smart phone and control all the action from your phone. Plug-in your lens settings (shade, sensitivity, delay), benefit from ten programmable memory modes and review your statistics.

Optional task light

Task Light for the new Speedglas G5-01

The optional helmet mounted task light gives welders even light distribution while casting a wide light on the work piece. Configure the light intensity to your environment. 

Two-Time Award Winner

The G5-01 Welding Helmet took home the internationally recognised Red Dot Design Award. This means the award winning G5-01, when combined with the award winning Adflo PAPR, becomes a two-time award winning system.

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