How this Welding Gauntlet from Sweden, Has Turned the Industry Inside-Out

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How this Welding Gauntlet from Sweden, Has Turned the Industry Inside-Out

Welding Gloves Are All The Same, Right? Wrong.

Full-grain goat-skin is a material you would normally associate with a TIG glove due to its inherent softness and flexibility. The highly flexible nature of the glove gives the welder maximum comfort as well as improved fingertip sensitivity resulting in more control over the weld. Cowhide is a material known for its durability – tough, robust and perfect for harsh environments and therefore normally used for welding gauntlets and non-TIG welding gloves.

But what if you could have the comfort, dexterity and flexibility of full-grain goat-skin with the high-heat properties and durability of cow-hide necessary for MIG and Stick welding? In other words, a welding glove that protects you but doesn’t feel like cardboard.

The Inside-Out Welding Gauntlet From Sweden

The TEGERA 134 Welding Gauntlet from Sweden does just that, by turning the industry’s best full grain goatskin… INSIDE OUT.

This unique concept gives welders ultimate comfort, dexterity and fingertip sensitivity with maximum external durability, robustness and performance. Words that in the past could never be used together to describe a welding glove. The TEGERA 134 Welding Glove is oil and water resistant, withstands contact heat up to 100°C, has a Cut 4 rating and is reinforced with KEVLAR fibre making it perfect for the rough stuff.

With the legendary TEGERA “Resting Fit” and the unique INSIDE OUT design, the TEGERA 134 Goat Skin welding gauntlet must be worn to be believed. These welding gloves are suitable for a range of applications including (but not limited to): welding, grinding, mining, metal fabrication and automotive.

The TEGERA134 gauntlets will revolutionise the way you work, try it today and feel the difference!

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