Weld Australia & AWS have launched a National TAFE Powered Air Program!

Article By: Team AWS


The TAFE Powered Air Program represents a national safety initiative, launched by Weld Australia and AWS, to educate and encourage the next generation of welders to use Welding Helmets with integrated Powered Air Purifying Respirators. This program has been launched nationally and is available to all TAFE students currently studying in a welding related field. 

By signing up to the TAFE Powered Air Program, TAFE students are entitled to:

- 25% off a 3M Speedglas Powered Air Respirator

- Free membership to Weld Australia

- 1 x Free AS/NZS ISO 9606-1 welder qualification upload to the Australian Welder Certification Register (awcr.org.au) through Weld Australia

- Ongoing 10% discount on all Speedglas spares and consumables.

To be eligible for the TAFE Powered Air Program you must be a current TAFE student, studying in a welding related field, with a valid TAFE student card.

Join the TAFE Powered Air Program HERE


As a TAFE apprentice or trainee studying in a field that leads to an occupation in the welding industry, you may be eligible for a Trade Support Loan (TSL) up to $21,078 over 4 years.

The TSLs are flexible to meet your individual needs with payments paid into your nominated bank account each month. The TSLs are interest free and as an additional incentive, you will get a 20% discount on your loan when you have successfully completed your apprenticeship.

This means, if you decided to sign up to the TAFE Powered Air Program using the TSL, you would benefit from the 25% TAFE Powered Air Program discount on a 3M Speedglas Powered Air Respirator and a further 20% discount on your interest free loan when you have successfully completed your apprenticeship.

The two initiatives used together will be an investment in your health and wellbeing and save you money in the process.

Learn more about the Trade Support Loan HERE

Join the TAFE Powered Air Program HERE


Welding fume is a known carcinogen and while the dangers of welding fume are very real, once qualified and quantified, protecting your health can be straight forward. As a result, the Cancer Council in Australia have advised that welders should wear either ‘air supplied or air purifying respiratory protection’ and use ‘a full-face welding helmet, with a UV filtered lens’.

3M Speedglas Powered Air Purifying Respiratory Welding Helmets have a RMPF of 50, meaning that they supply air a minimum 50 times cleaner than the welder would otherwise be breathing unprotected. To put this into perspective, disposable and reusable half-face respirators have a RMPF of 10 if properly fitted and worn. Therefore, powered air welding helmets provide 5 times the level of protection of a half face respirator.

Protecting welders’ eyes, faces and lungs, 3M Speedglas Powered air welding helmets are the benchmark in the welding industry and are proudly worn by over one million active welders around the world. Invest in your health and safety by following the links below.

Join the TAFE Powered Air Program HERE

View the range of 3M Speedglas Powered Air Respirators Here

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