Introducing the NEW Clear Visor with Adflo PAPR!

Article By: Team AWS

It is no secret that the current climate has caused unprecedented demand for respiratory PPE. This includes an overwhelming number of enquiries for Clear Visors with a Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR), which in turn has led to a national shortage of stock.

As a result, we have now launched a new Clear Visor with Adflo PAPR to help those in need - from frontline medical professionals to industrial workers and beyond.


Using a PAPR for protection against airborne microbiological hazards

This system (part no. 890607) offers protection from mechanically generated, thermally generated and microbiological particles, and is available with both an 8 hour standard battery and a 12 hour heavy-duty battery (part no. 890607HD).

The PAPR has a required minimum protection factor of 50, is fully compliant with the Australian and New Zealand Respiratory Standard (AS/NZS 1716) and features a particle filter that performs to PAPR-P3 level.

So what does this mean? The filter will capture respiratory contaminants with over 99.95% efficiency and the air you breathe will be at least 50 times cleaner than what you would otherwise breathe unprotected.

To put things in perspective, that’s 5 times the protection afforded by a disposable or reusable respirator. What’s more, a powered air system does not require fit testing and could prove to be the more economical long-term option.

What are the visor’s other features?

Besides elite level respiratory protection, this new system has plenty more to offer:

- Extra-large 170 x 104mm clear visor with outstanding peripheral and downward vision
- Two adjustable air flow settings (170/200 litres per minute)
- Rapid battery charge to 80% capacity in 1 hour
- Airflow climate control within the visor and an optional task light
- Multi-adjustable six-point harness maximises comfort and allows the user to set the distance and angle from their eyes to the clear visor
- Lightweight head-top weighing just 600 grams

Where can I get one?

Visit the links below or contact your nearest AWS Distributor. Please note we have limited stock, so the sooner you act the better!

View the 3M Powered Air Purifying Respirator with Lightweight Clear Visor here

View the 3M Heavy-Duty Powered Air Purifying Respirator with Lightweight Clear Visor here

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