Is head protection required where you weld?

Article By: Team AWS

Across Australian workplaces, many deaths and traumatic injuries continue to be attributed to head injuries. From 2016-17, there were 3,455 serious head injury claims in Australia, of which 1,125 related directly to the cranium, the part of the skull that encloses the brain[1].

Moreover, even minor injuries to the head can cause enduring memory loss, sleep disorders and prove life threatening in the long run. So when your workplace requires the use of standardised head protection, it is vital to meet these requirements: if you’ve got a head on your shoulders, protect it!

Quick, efficient, adaptable

The Speedglas 9100 QR is ideal for any welder in need of a helmet that is compatible with a hard hat, as it allows you to keep your safety helmet in place when moving between welding and non-welding tasks. The Quick-Release mechanism means that even with gloved hands, you can easily attach or remove the welding shield from the safety helmet when necessary.

Beyond that, the helmet offers many signature Speedglas features! These include:

- State of the art True-View optics to provide better colour and contrast for your welds
- Auto On so your helmet is instantly ready to weld (programmed to the setting you used last)
- External grind mode to switch from welding to grinding at the touch of a button
- Set-and-Forget to pre-set your favourite welding settings
- Peripheral sidewindows to broaden the view of your surrounding environment
- Unrivalled arc detection down to an industry-leading 1 Amp
- Central photo sensor for TIG welding
- Aerodynamic exhaust vents to remove exhaled air, keep you cool and render your lens fog-free.

9100 QR

View the 9100 QR Welding & Safety Helmet here

The definitive all rounder

The 9100 MP Air Welding & Safety Helmet seamlessly integrates 5 levels of welder protection into one easy-to-use system, including an integrated safety helmet made from heat resistant polycarbonate. This is fully compliant with the Australian and New Zealand Standard for head protection (AS/NZS1801), enabling you to weld with the utmost confidence in your safety.

Alongside its extensive head coverage, the 9100 MP Air provides the following:

- Award winning respiratory protection in the form of the Adflo PAPR
- High impact eye and face protection compliant with AS/NZS1337.1
- Smooth flip-up functionality to lift the welding visor when necessary
- A large, clear 170x100mm grinding visor that increases peripheral vision to 170°
- Designed to accommodate attachable Peltor earmuffs (part no. 197011)
- True-View, Auto On, SideWindows and more!

9100 MP

From a safety standpoint, the MP Air is considered the most complete all-round helmet on the Speedglas roster: a system that covers all bases while retaining the brand’s trademark comfort and sleek aesthetic. Whatsmore, given the reclassification of welding fume as carcinogenic, the flip-up grinding visor offered by the 9100 MP allows you to complete non-welding tasks with crystal clear vision, all while maintaining your respiratory protection.

View the 9100 MP Air Welding & Safety Helmet here

[1] Source: Safe Work Australia, Australian workers’ Compensation Statistics 2016-2017

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