Top 5 Reasons why the 3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator is Synonymous with Welders’ Respiratory Protection

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Top 5 Reasons why the 3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator is Synonymous with Welders’ Respiratory Protection

The 3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator is a powerful, lightweight portable respirator synonymous with welders’ respiratory protection in the welding industry. A versatile system that connects to the Speedglas 9100 respiratory welding helmets, the Adflo PAPR has quickly become one of the most popular welding respirators in the world as welders look for effective protection against carcinogenic welding fume.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons WHY the 3M Adflo Powered Air Respirator is dominating the industry:


1. Powerful Protection Against Welding Fume

The Adflo PAPR provides a Required Minimum Protection Factor (RMPF) of 50, meaning that the air the welder breathes using an Adflo PAPR could be at least 50 times cleaner than that of an unprotected welder. To put this into perspective, a disposable or reusable half face mask respirator has a required minimum protection factor of 10. Therefore, the Adflo PAPR can give welders five times the level of protection than that of a reusable or disposable respirator. Available with a variety of stackable gas and particulate filters, the 3M Adflo PAPR offers powerful protection against welding fume across a variety of welding applications.

2.  Complete Mobility & Always Protected

Did you know that a welding fume particle that is 0.5 µm in size, dropped from a height of 1.5 metres can take two days to reach the floor? In other words, just because you have finished welding doesn’t mean that your exposure to welding fume stops. Welding fume also spreads throughout the workspace meaning that the hazard is not localised to a specific area. The Adflo PAPR offers welders complete mobility, worn on the welders’ back. As a result, your respiratory protection goes where you go, ensuring you are protected at all times. 

3. Versatile Welding Respirator

The Adflo respirator is compatible with the complete range of Speedglas 9100 respiratory welding helmets offering external grind, memory mode, flip-up-to-grind and safety helmet options. This range of welding helmets offer welders eye, face, hearing, head and respiratory protection options all compliant with Australian and New Zealand Standards. When combined with the popular Speedglas 9100XXi True-View welding lens with peripheral Speedglas SideWindows, welders have a view of their arc like no other welding helmet on the market.

4. Cooler, Cleaner More Comfortable Welding

As one of the most popular respirators of its kind in the world, the Adflo Powered Air Respirator is designed to provide welders a constant nominal airflow rate of 170 or 200 litres per minute, regardless of the battery’s charge or the particle loading of the filter. With its slim profile, the Adflo respirator offers excellent lightweight, adaptable and easy-to-use respiratory protection. Designed from inception to withstand tough welding environments, the Adflo PAPR is compact and reliable, giving you the protection you can trust. The exclusive airflow pattern evenly distributes filtered air throughout the entire breathing zone of the helmet and a diffuser spreads out the airflow pattern for your maximum comfort. A soft and flexible face seal creates a positive pressure environment within the helmet, keeping the surrounding pollutants at bay.

 5. Rapid Charge & Super Lightweight

The Adflo PAPR system is now available in your choice of either standard or heavy duty. With a new Rapid Charge function, the welder can charge their battery from 0 to 80% capacity in just one hour! The Adflo unit also comes with a self-adjusting quick-release breathing tube allowing for easier one-handed connection and release. A 40% lighter Li-Ion battery makes the Adflo PAPR super lightweight delivering increased comfort and reducing wearer fatigue.


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