4 Welding Helmet Hacks For Better Vision

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4 Welding Helmet Hacks For Better Vision

There are approximately 73,000 welders in Australia, many of whom are over the age of 50. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that a major complaint for many Australian welders is that their eyesight isn’t as crisp as it once was. Don’t worry, these days there are many options to assist welders to view their arc with more clarity through their welding helmet.

Keep It Simple

Starting with the easiest solution first, make sure you make a regular habit of replacing outside and inside protection plates on your welding helmet. Following a welding helmet care and maintenance schedule and replacing your protection plates on a regular basis will ensure an unobstructed view of the welding arc through your welding lens.

If All Else Fails.. Cheat

If you still can’t see with the detail you need, most welding helmets now allow for the insertion of a magnifying lens. These relatively inexpensive “cheater lenses” allow welders to view their work with more detail without the need to move closer to the arc and weld plume.

No More Green Haze

Advancements in welding lens technology have also led to game-changing innovations like “Speedglas True-View”. New Speedglas True-View technology gives welders a view with more realistic colour that appears lighter and brighter. By allowing a wider colour spectrum to be visible through the welding lens, welders can read surfaces, contours and edges better and benefit from greater control over their welds.

Flip-Up to Perfect Views

Lastly, if you need to weld and grind or you require a completely clear view for set-up or to inspect your welds then consider a flip-up welding helmet. Many welding helmets now include a flip-up welding lens which reveals a completely clear grinding visor underneath. The clear grinding visor allows the welder to view their work with a completely clear and uninhibited view and if used with a PAPR means the welder never breaks their respiratory protection seal by lifting the helmet.

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