Your welding comfort starts with your head harness!

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Your welding comfort starts with your head harness!

Comfort and stability are top priorities to consider in a welding helmet; especially given the amount of time it’s worn per day. If your equipment falls short in this area, this can create pain, fatigue, and mental stress that may prevent you from working productively in the long run.

Speedglas welding helmets set the industry benchmark for support and comfort, with designs that make your life easier. In many respects, this begins with the head harness.

What you want to avoid

Without a decent head harness, both the welder and their welding will suffer.

Your posture is the first casualty of sub-par gear, as the uneven weight distribution will force you into uncomfortable positions for sustained periods. This in turn means your focus and subsequent weld quality may gradually deteriorate over time, which then creates more work for you to do.

Then there’s the head itself. The outside of your head is lined with nerve-endings, arteries, and acupressure points. Applying pressure to these areas can create discomfort.

Speedglas head harnesses are tailored to specifically avoid these vulnerable areas, while also distributing weight evenly and allowing complete customisation to suit your head.

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Speedglas 9100 series head harness

The Speedglas 9100 series head harness is designed to protect the sensitive areas of the head with a highly customisable and comfortable fit. To this end, the harness provides a market-leading 6 points of adjustment to match your ideal preference:

Speedglas 9100 Head Harness

This head harness is standard with the Speedglas 9100XXi, 9100XXi Air, 9100XXi FX and 9100XXi FX Air welding helmets.

Many welding helmets sacrifice points of adjustment in their head harness to bring the overall helmet weight down. However, you don’t weigh a welding helmet on scales or in your hand… you weigh it on your head. And a less comfortable helmet will always feel heavier than one that is designed from inception to be a natural extension of the welder.

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Extra comfort options with the Speedglas G5-01

Speedglas G5-01 Head Harness

For heavy-duty welding, long-term comfort is indispensable. The Speedglas G5-01 takes head harness technology to a new level, allowing you to make adjustments more easily and rapidly.

Like the 9100 series, the G5-01 head harness is fully customisable. It also incorporates key additions to further adapt to your preferences. For instance, the harness allows you to adjust the distance from your eyes to the clear visor and welding lens.

Plus, the G5-01 harness comes standard with an extra-large back cushion, for extra support and comfort. Optimising your helmet’s fit means you can put all your energy and focus into your work, all day long.

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