Speedglas G5-02: how a curved lens creates a 100% wider field of view!

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Speedglas G5-02: how a curved lens creates a 100% wider field of view!

Expand your natural range of vision

Speedglas welding helmets have long been renowned for offering some of the largest viewing areas on the market – the extra-large lens in the 9100XXi series (73 x 107mm) was recognised as the largest Speedglas lens until it was recently surpassed by the Speedglas G5-01VC (73 x 109mm).

It has taken a major design shift to expand welders’ field of vision even further in the new Speedglas G5-02: after all, you can only enlarge a flat lens to a certain point before also having to enlarge the helmet itself and compromise the welder’s comfort and mobility.

The solution? The world’s first curved auto-darkening welding filter (an enormous 76x150mm)!

Optimised for TIG welding, this groundbreaking new arrival has been designed to follow the shape of your head and maximise your natural range of vision by 100% when compared to a conventional flat lens.

100% wider field of view


Finest optics on the market

Increased peripheral vision is routinely listed as a high priority by professional welders, who appreciate the ability to clearly view both their workpiece and the area that surrounds it. In the past, Speedglas helmets have included peripheral SideWindows to cater to this preference – while these are certainly effective, the curved G5-02 lens takes things to the next level.

The continuous arc of the lens means your field of view does not have to be broken up into ‘front facing’ and ‘peripheral’: you are afforded a seamless, uninterrupted view of both your weld and your workspace. When you couple this unique viewing experience with state-of-the-art TrueView technology and an all-new light shade of 2.5, there can be no doubt that the G5-02 provides some of the finest optics not only in Speedglas history, but across the market as a whole.

Furthermore, a curved shape brings the lens closer to the welder’s face: and as with a pair of glasses, the shorter the distance between the lens and your eyes, the larger the field of view. As an added bonus, this also brings the helmet’s centre of gravity closer to your head for a more comfortable distribution of weight. The result is a helmet that serves as a completely natural extension of the welder – with such a lightweight shell and all-encompassing viewing area, it’s almost as if you aren’t wearing a helmet at all!

If you’re a professional welder wanting to stay 'ahead of the curve' doing high-performance, critical work, visit the link below to order your own G5-02 welding helmet with 3M™ Curved Glass Technology.

View the Speedglas G5-02 Curved Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet here

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