Speedglas 100 Series welding helmets now more affordable

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Speedglas 100 Series welding helmets now more affordable

AWS has made the decision to reposition the Speedglas 100V Graphic Welding Helmet range at a sharper price point for Australian and NZ welders, making it even more affordable to get into the Speedglas range of professional welding helmets.

The Speedglas 100V range

The Speedglas 100V range features 6 unique graphic welding helmet designs, offering Speedglas optical quality at a highly affordable price.

Here’s a few reasons why you should look to switch up to a Speedglas 100V welding helmet:

Comfort: spending hours each day under your welding helmet means you need a helmet that’s comfortable. The 100V’s lightweight, slim profile means it is easy on the neck and allows you to navigate  tight spaces with your helmet in place, while the head harness features a smooth ratchet mechanism and multiple adjustments for a customised fit.

Performance: an impressive “All-Rounder”, the Speedglas 100 helmet is suitable for both the professional and occasional welder and is optimised for stick, MIG and TIG welding. With shades 8-12 for welding, shade 3 grind mode and an integrated magnifying lens holder, this series allows you to personalise your look as you weld with precision.

Optical quality: Speedglas is synonymous with superior welding optics – and the 100V series is no different! Precision optics mean you have greater vision and can weld in style.

Stand out from the crowd: with 6 graphic options, you can choose the design that best reflects your style. With market-leading graphics, you can rest assured that your 100V welding helmet won’t peel or blister!

Price: starting from just $249 exc GST, there has never been a better time to get into the Speedglas range!


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