Introducing Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction Technology!

New Product Launch

Introducing Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction Technology!

Control welding fume at the source

On-gun fume extraction is one of the safest and most effective methods of controlling welding fume, heavily relied upon across Europe and North America. However, up to this point it has not been widely adopted in this part of the world, as just 1% of the welding industry in Australia and New Zealand* currently employ on-gun fume extraction.

This is in large part due to long-running preconceptions around on-gun technology; in the past it’s been viewed as too heavy, too bulky, and can impact the shielding gas leading to porosity issues.

But not anymore…

AWS has teamed up with Dutch on-gun fume extraction specialists, Translas, to launch an industry first: a range of lightweight, manoeuvrable, and ergonomic extraction guns that deliver a market leading capture rate of up to 98%, while leaving the shielding gas completely unaffected.

This is truly a gamechanger for the industry at large, as no other welding fume control solution captures welding fume at the source, removes it from the environment, and most importantly, follows the welder as they move.

Want to see the magic of Translas on-gun fume extraction for yourself? Check out this side by side comparison!


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How Translas has changed the game

More than merely addressing previous concerns around on-gun fume extraction, Translas resolves them outright!

The 8XE 250 Amp MINI Extractor is the lightest fume extraction gun on the market and is the same weight or lighter than the majority of standard welding guns. What’s more, the small ergonomic handle makes Translas guns exceptionally comfortable to work with for any welder. And to avoid porosity issues, the gun’s cyclonic extraction effect operates like the eye of a storm, leaving the shielding gas completely unaffected.

When you then factor in the highest capture rate (up to 98%) and duty cycle (100%) in the industry, a self-cleaning extraction unit, and the potential to be used in confined spaces**, it’s safe to say Translas has completely changed the game in fume extraction! 

View the Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction range here


Interested in Translas for your business?

Some of the largest welding businesses in Australia and NZ are already locking in Translas demos to experience this new technology. If your company would be interested in experiencing this industry game changer, visit the link below to learn more and set-up a free demo.

Book a FREE Translas onsite demonstration here

Learn more about Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction here


* 2021 Welding Method, Material, and Consumable Survey, AWS

** Confined spaces can be deadly and decisions on how to handle a specific confined space must be assessed on the spot and always comes down to the specifics of the individual situation. There should be a suitably trained and knowledgeable person doing the assessment and design of a safe system for any confined space entry.

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