2 positive side-effects of flip-up welding helmets with powered air!

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2 positive side-effects of flip-up welding helmets with powered air!

It seems like these days all we hear about are the negative side-effects of things. Using the ‘google machine’ you’ll even find a negative side effect for bananas. In this article however, we are going to talk about 2 of the positive side effects of using flip-up auto-darkening welding helmets with integrated powered air purifying respiratory (PAPR) protection - other than the obvious benefit of 50 times cleaner air.

1. Protection Always - While You’re On The Move or Setting Up

When you consider that a welding fume particle that is 0.5 μm in size can take 2 days to reach the floor when released from a height of 1.5 metres, you begin to understand that protecting yourself from welding fume while welding is only doing half the job. If you weld using a PAPR and you lift the auto-darkening welding helmet to view your workpiece or complete non-welding tasks, then you break your positive pressure seal and allow particles still suspended in the air to enter your breathing zone, compromising your respiratory protection.

With integrated flip-up visor welding helmets with powered air respiratory protection, welders can always have completely clear and uninhibited views of their workpiece and surroundings while maintaining their positive pressure seal and desired level of respiratory protection. Simply flip-up the welding lens to reveal a large clear visor that allows you to move around your workplace with perfect vision and uninterrupted respiratory protection.

2. High Impact Eye and Face Protection At All Times

A recent study out of the US found that ‘foreign body eye injuries decreased over 70% year-on-year’ in areas that implemented the PAPRs with integrated flip-up auto-darkening welding helmets (please contact AWS for information on this study). Worker compensation claims decreased markedly, while employee morale increased substantially. This is an often-overlooked positive side-effect of using flip-up welding helmet PAPR systems. By keeping the welding helmet on and in the safe position at all times, the welder has the added benefit of continuous high impact eye and face protection (if the equipment in use is compliant with Australian and New Zealand standards).

If you’d like to experience cooler, cleaner and more comfortable welding with the added benefit of having respiratory, eye and face protection that follows you when you are on the move, then please use our handy links below:

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For more information on welding fume, read our 2020 Welding Fume Update.

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