World’s First Curved Welding Lens: how does it benefit a business?

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World’s First Curved Welding Lens: how does it benefit a business?

When asked for their viewing preference, the feedback from professional TIG welders was unanimous; a wide view was much higher rated than a taller view. Speedglas then figured out the only way to achieve wider views without making a wider helmet was to invent the world’s first curved welding lens.

The result, after 20 years in the making, is the new Speedglas G5-02! The helmet’s curved lens follows the shape of the head, bringing it closer to the welder’s face for better weight distribution and a 100% wider field of view. This is turn has made the G5-02 one of the most sought-after welding helmets on the market.

So welders clearly want it… but why should a business invest in the Speedglas G5-02?

Built for high-performance, critical work

The Speedglas G5-02 is optimised for TIG welding, where much of the work requires very accurate measurements and critical precision. The expectation with any TIG-based project is that it creates an extremely clean finish; for instance, a motorcycle should have a smooth, sleek frame regardless of how many welds were required to connect the tubing. This also means the cost of failure can be extremely high.

Precision optics reduce the likelihood of failure; after all, when welders can see better, they can work faster and with less error. The glass pack used in the G5-02 is 1/3 as thick as the thinnest Speedglas welding lens, and is surrounded by four sensors capable of arc detection down to an industry-leading 1 Amp. This, combined with an all-new light state of 2.5, provides even better clarity and contrast to maximise the benefit of True-View technology on welders’ vision.

Subsequently, welders can benefit from the finest optics ever released and produce their most detailed, efficient work yet. This not only improves a businesses’ overall productivity, but also reduces the overall cost of material given the lack of scrap from bad starts.

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Healthier, happier workers

When a welder is comfortable, they are more likely to wear their PPE, reducing workplace accidents and time off work. The Speedglas G5-02 was designed from inception to maximise comfort and adapt to each welder’s preferences: whether it’s the new venting system designed to seamlessly remove exhaled air and prevent fogging, or the Bluetooth connectivity that enables welders to remotely control their lens and save their favourite settings via their mobile phone.

The impact of lost workdays on output and eventual yield is significant, not to mention the dire financial impact of workplace injuries. Consequently, if the PPE solution supplied by a business can simultaneously keep workers safe and satisfied, it can prove incredibly valuable. The Speedglas G5-02 presents such a solution.

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So what makes the G5-02 a smart investment?

-           Reduces cost!

-           Increases productivity!

-           Reduces time off work!

Interested in trying the G5-02 on for size? Book a test drive of this revolutionary piece of kit here, or find out more about the helmet below!

Learn more about the Speedglas G5-02 Curved Auto-Darkening Welding Helmet here

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