How often should you change your Adflo PAPR spare parts?

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How often should you change your Adflo PAPR spare parts?

Do you know how often you should be changing your Adflo PAPR parts? Properly maintaining your Adflo PAPR system can have a number of benefits from both a productivity and safety perspective. Below, we take a look at each key consumable and the best time to replace it to ensure you receive your desired level of protection!

Please note: the change frequencies mentioned below are based on welders who undergo a minimum of 4 hours usage per day and may vary depending on individual circumstances and specific applications.

Particle filter

As soon as the indicator on your filter turns red, it’s time to give it an emotional sendoff and get a replacement. Alternately, you may need to swap out for a fresh filter when the battery operating time becomes too short, or when the low airflow alarm is triggered by a fully loaded filter. We anticipate you’ll be replacing your particle filter monthly at the very least.


We recommend replacing your pre-filter once or twice a week, as this will have a direct knock on effect on the other components of your Adflo system. Most notably, regular turnover of the pre-filter will lessen the workload of the particle filter, saving you money and helping extend your Adflo PAPR battery life. This in turn will ensure you receive the best possible value for money in the long run.

Gas filter

The rate at which you should replace your gas filter will be dictated by the regulations at your workplace. Please note that smell and taste are not recommended as a measure of change.

Odour filter

(not required if you have a gas filter)

At the risk of stating the obvious, the minute you smell an unpleasant odour is the minute your odour filter needs changing. You’re welcome. Oh, and when you’re ready to change, you can purchase an odour filter replacement pad instead of a whole new filter, saving you a few bucks!

Spark arrestor

Your spark arrestor should be changed if it shows signs of damage or breakthrough, or if it no longer fits properly. Make a habit of checking on its condition, as doing so will benefit the overall safety of your Adflo unit.

Breathing tube

Finally, your breathing hose should be substituted as soon as it becomes damaged or starts leaking air. Its durability can be improved via the use of a breathing tube cover, or alternatively you can invest in a heavy-duty rubber breathing tube.

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