Got a Speedglas Question?

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Got a Speedglas Question?

Do you have a 3M™ Speedglas™ welding helmet question and need an answer FAST? Our Speedglas Frequently Asked Questions page holds all of the answers you are looking for – and more.

Find out about how to search for Speedglas part numbers and plate markings, how to find your perfect welding helmet or find out what safety measures and safety equipment are needed when welding!

Our Speedglas FAQ section also holds the answers to important information on welding helmet classification ratings, welding helmet care & maintenance guides and Speedglas warranty information.

Ever wondered whether you can add an Adflo PAPR to a non-respiratory welding helmet? We have the answer.

Discover the different Adflo PAPR filters and the suggested change frequencies for each Adflo filter – as well as how an auto-darkening welding lens works.

Whether you’re looking for where to buy Speedglas welding helmets or looking to share information about welding with other welders, the Speedglas FAQ section is sure to cater for all of your Speedglas needs!

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