Jalas Titan Welding Boots Now Available

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Jalas Titan Welding Boots Now Available

Finally – a Welding Boot Built Specifically for Welding!

The Ejendals Jalas Titan Welding Boots are designed for the toughest of welding environments and are now available in Australia and New Zealand – exclusively through AWS. The welding boot of choice within the Scandinavian metal fabrication industry, the Jalas Titan Welding Boots offer the perfect combination of high-level protection, comfort and a spacious fit – a necessity for all welders.

Welding Boots with Heat Resistance

Heat-resistance is another important factor when designing welding boots, as constant exposure to high temperatures can affect the durability of the boot and the comfort of the wearer. With this in mind, the Ejendals Jalas Titan boots feature a heat-resistant upper and outsole with Kevlar-stitched seams, compound tested at 300°C to ensure they offer the highest level of protection. An innovative Thinsulate heat insulation lining is integrated into the boot to maximise comfort as you weld.

Maximum Grip and Protection

The Jalas 1848K welding boots also offer excellent grip and protection regardless of welding conditions. With an aluminium toecap, nail protection and a penetration, water and oil-resistant outsole, these welding boots are perfect for the metal fabrication industry.  

Welding Boots without Laces

To help maximise welding safety, the Jalas Titan welding boots have a protected quick-release Velcro side, offering ankle support similar to a lace-up boot with the convenience of a slip-on boot while eliminating any flammable slag collection areas such as shoelaces. The Welding Code of Practice released by SafeWork Australia advises against welders wearing boots with shoelaces.

Legendary Comfort

The legendary Jalas welding boots offer comfort and a spacious fit that is based on over 100 years of experience. A thorough understanding of the many challenges faced every day by welders has allowed Ejendals to create the Jalas welding boot range specifically built for harsh environments. The Jalas Titan welding boots are compliant with Australian & New Zealand Standards AS/NZS2210.3:2009.

Built Tough

With hundreds of thousands of pairs sold each year, the Ejendals Jalas Titan welding boots are built to last! 

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