Don’t go with the flow – NEW Speedglas G5-01

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Don’t go with the flow – NEW Speedglas G5-01

Don’t go with the flow

Comfort plays an important role in the use and selection of welder’s respiratory protection. Put simply, if a respirator is not comfortable to use, welders may be less motivated to wear it, especially over long shifts. The new 3M™ Speedglas™ G5-01 Heavy-Duty Respiratory Welding Helmet with Adflo PAPR looks to maximise welders’ comfort with the addition of ‘climate control’ functionality, allowing welders to customise their airflow options to suit their preferences.

Adaptable airflow

While most respiratory protection systems adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, the Speedglas G5-01 welding helmet features an innovative G5-01 helmet duct system with adjustable airflow controls. These controls allow you to choose the position and direction of the airflow that best suits your needs.

Much like the air-conditioning in your car, the new G5-01 air duct system lets you determine the direction and dispersion of airflow to different areas within your welding helmet, to suit your personal preferences.

Face or visor?

Depending on your preference, you can direct airflow either to your face or your visor, or a combination of both, for maximum comfort (see diagram below). This can be easily adjusted by moving the external dial on the right-hand side of your grinding visor – either to ‘Face’, ‘Visor’ or somewhere in between.

G5-01 Airflow - Face or Visor?

From the top or the sides?

The new Speedglas G5-01 also lets you determine whether you’d rather air coming from the top outlet or the 2 side outlets – whichever you find most comfortable. Simply adjust the external dial on the left-hand side of your grinding visor to prioritise the top, sides or to arrange a blend of both.

G5-01 Airflow - Top or Sides?

The benefits of Speedglas G5-01 climate control

Designed specifically for high-amperage, heavy-duty welding, the Speedglas G5-01 aims to provide comfortable and adaptable protection.

As heavy-duty welding often produces high temperatures, the innovative G5-01 airduct system provides a steady stream of fresh air to the areas of the welding helmet you need it most, helping to cool you down and make welding more comfortable. Optimised airflow can also be beneficial in increasing the longevity of spare parts such as sweatbands and face seals.

The ability to adjust the airflow settings to suit your specific environment allows welders to adapt the helmet to suit their environment. For example, when welding in hot and humid situations, directing airflow toward the grinding visor helps prevent fogging and delivers cool air to the face. A constant flow of fresh air also assists in reducing fatigue and stress on the body caused by working in high temperature environments, helping to improve productivity.

Furthermore, the G5-01 external airflow controls allow you to easily adjust your settings while keeping your helmet on, thus maintaining your eye, face and respiratory protection!

Try it for yourself!

No one knows your preferences better than you, so why not take control? Check out the G5-01 and adjust your welding helmet, not yourself.

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