Configure your coverage with the NEW Speedglas G5-01!

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Configure your coverage with the NEW Speedglas G5-01!

It’s no secret that heavy-duty welders need heavy-duty protection. Welding at high amperages produces more heat, meaning extra protection against heat, sparks and spatter are a necessity.

To make welding more comfortable, the 3M Speedglas G5-01 Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet is compatible with a brand-new range of adaptable coverage options to suit your individual needs and preferences. Below, we take a look at all the options, so you can discover which configuration works best for you!

So, what are the extra protection options?

When we’re talking extra protection for the Speedglas G5-01, welders can choose between different head covers, neck covers and the comprehensive fabric welding shroud.

Neck protection: to protect your neck against sparks and spatter, the Speedglas G5-01 comes standard with a rigid neck protector (part number 169040). For increased flexibility when looking down as you weld, fabric neck covers are available in either small (169041) or large (169042) for increased coverage.

For welders needing high-durability coverage, the naturally flame-retardant leather cover (169043) may suit best. Finally, for maximum coverage, we recommend the G5-01 fabric shroud (169030), which expansively covers both the neck and chest.

 Neck Protection

Head protection: similar to the neck protection options, the G5-01 can be fitted with the stock-standard small fabric cover (169020), as well as larger fabric (169023) and leather (169022) variants. For those who work in environments where high-visibility is essential, the fluorescent yellow head cover (169021) should have you covered.

Head Protection

Recommended coverage combinations

Looking for some handy tips on which coverage might suit you best? Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

Maximum coverage: the extended cover kit (169035). This kit contains both the large fabric head protector (169023) as well as the fabric shroud (169030), giving you maximum coverage against molten metal and sparks.

High-durability coverage: we’d suggest going with both the leather neck and head protection options. Not only is leather naturally flame-retardant, but, when maintained correctly, can be much longer lasting than other coverage options.

Flexible coverage: the fabric protection options offer increased flexibility, especially when welding in the down position where your chin dips toward your neck. For even greater flexibility and coverage, we’d recommend opting for the large fabric head cover and large fabric neck protector.

Choose your own adaptable protection

Nobody knows your welding preferences like you do. Build your own Speedglas G5-01 from the ground up when purchasing through the AWS website. Mix and match neck and head covers to suit your applications and environment, as well as choose your preferred respiratory system and additional extras including a task light!

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