Choose how you view your weld with Variable Colour Technology!

New Product Launch

Choose how you view your weld with Variable Colour Technology!

The NEW Speedglas G5-01VC Heavy-Duty Welding Helmet with Adflo PAPR brings with it a swag of innovative industry-leading features. Speedglas has always been at the forefront of auto-darkening welding lens optics, and the introduction of Generation 5 is no different.

While innovations such as True-View have revolutionised the way welders see, the Speedglas G5-01VC has another trick up its sleeve: Variable Colour Technology!

What is Variable Colour Technology?

The new 3M Speedglas G5-01VC welding lens sees the introduction of Variable Colour Technology, allowing welders to choose between natural, cool or warm colour tones in the dark state. Welders can now determine which colour tone provides the best contrast for their specific welding application and the most comfort for their eyes:

Easy as A, B, (or) C!

Variable Colour functionality is literally as easy as A, B, C. Using the internal welding lens controls (or using Bluetooth and the new Speedglas app – we’ll get to that later), welders can choose between natural (A), cool (B) or warm (C) colour tones. The ability to seamlessly change colour tones depending on personal preference means you can now adjust your welding lens – not yourself!

Variable Colour Tones

The development of three variable colour tones exemplifies Speedglas’ focus on listening to the needs of welders. Just as no two welds are the same, no two welders are the same either. Each welder’s eyes respond differently to varying levels of light and colour, meaning what’s comfortable for one welder may not be for another. It’s worth noting that each colour tone is not tailor-made for a specific welding application: it is entirely down to personal preference!

Switching between Variable Colour tones

Changing colour tones

In line with the Speedglas G5-01 theme of personal preference, welders can also choose how they adjust their welding lens settings. At the risk of sounding obvious, adjustments can be made using the buttons on the inside of the welding lens – as is commonplace with all Speedglas welding helmets. However, the G5-01VC also allows you to switch colour tones and welding shade settings without taking the helmet off, via a handy smart phone app.

Using your smart phone, simply download the 3M Connected Equipment app, and pair with your phone via Bluetooth. You can adjust colour tone, shades, delay and sensitivity with your helmet in place, maintaining your respiratory protection at all times.

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