Case Study: Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction

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Case Study: Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction

Cherubini is an industry-leading Canadian steel fabricator that specialises in the design and production of bridges and other structures around the world. The following case study* details the thought process behind their decision to upgrade to Translas On-Gun Welding Fume Extraction, and how pleased they are with the results!


Why Cherubini chose Translas

Cherubini initially forged a relationship with Dutch On-Gun Fume Extraction specialists Translas in the hope of reducing the manganese levels that they had in their workshop.

They had found that, in a huge facility like theirs, other air quality systems were largely ineffective at filtering the sheer volume of air in their work environment. Furthermore, they were committed to finding a solution that would suitably protect both the welders and other personnel routinely walking through the workshop.

As such, a solution like Translas On-Gun Extraction was an ideal fit: capturing fume directly at the source at a market-leading rate of up to 98%, and protecting welders and non-welders alike in the process.


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How Translas adapts to your environment

The scale of Cherubini’s fabrication facilities made it vital for welders’ protection to not come at the expense of their mobility. Translas extraction systems easily met this need by allowing welders to be positioned up to 20 metres away from the extraction unit through simply connecting 4 of the 5 metre hoses.

On the other hand, Cherubini was also doing a lot of work in confined spaces, for which Translas remained a suitable option.** This is because on-gun fume extraction captures welding fume before it can be released into the environment to build up around the welder. What’s more, due to the powerful variable frequency motor, the extraction unit can be positioned over 20 metres away from the welder and still deliver the same industry leading capture rate (up to 98%).


How Translas ergonomics can improve performance

Finally, the welders at Cherubini even stated that after they had been using the Translas guns for a few weeks, it helped improve some of their techniques and correct various bad habits they had developed. This represents a useful by-product of a gun that is lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to manoeuvre: as far as Cherubini were concerned, it was an added benefit they didn’t anticipate but were happy with nonetheless!

In conclusion, Cherubini characterised Translas On-Gun Fume Extraction as the way of the future and a method that other fabricators will continue to jump on board with!

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*Please note you can verify the points outlined in this article by viewing the video embedded above (or linked here).

**This example reflects how Translas can be a potential option for work in confined spaces. There should always be a suitably trained person doing the assessment and design of a safe system for any confined space.

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