5 Professional Welding Safety Essentials!

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5 Professional Welding Safety Essentials!

Welders come in many forms: from the casual weekend hobbyists to those who’ve made it their career. If you’re serious about your welding, here are 5 essentials to help your work reach new heights!

1. A state-of-the-art lens

It’s a simple equation: the better your view, the better you’ll weld. Speedglas welding lenses not only provide some of the largest viewing areas and most advanced arc sensors on the market, they also feature market-leading True-View optics. Speedglas True-View offers a lighter, brighter and more realistic view of colours and contours, and is a proven benefit on the quality and efficiency of professional welders’ work.

What’s more, Speedglas lens technology has now evolved to accommodate welder’s individual preferences. Every welder is different! The new Speedglas G5-01VC heavy-duty welding helmet lens gives you Variable Colour Technology – allowing you to choose between natural (green-ish), warm (red-ish) and cool (blue-ish) colour tones in the dark state. These colours aren’t tailored to specific welding applications: it’s for welders to decide which provides the best contrast for their welds and the most comfort for their eyes. No-one knows your preferences better than you!

True-View and Variable Colour

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2. Clean air to breathe

The dangers of welding fume are very real, with a 2019 study finding that welders run a 43% higher risk of lung cancer than those who have never welded before. With that said, there are a number of respiratory protection options that can be used to protect against welding fume and particulates.

Powered air purifying respirators (PAPR’s) – such as the award-winning Adflo PAPR system – can be worn by welders to filter out dangerous welding fume. The Adflo PAPR is a belt-mounted, portable respirator that provides a Required Minimum Protection Factor (RMPF) of 50. This means that the air you breathe will be 50 times cleaner than you would otherwise breathe in unprotected. To put that in perspective, a properly-fitted reusable or disposable half-face respirator has an RMPF of 10. This is just one of many reasons that welders across Australia and New Zealand are upgrading to Adflo powered air in droves!

If you’re a heavy-duty welder, you’ll need heavy-duty respiratory protection to match. The Heavy-Duty Adflo PAPR is built for the longest shifts in the toughest of welding environments, supplying up to 12 hours continuous protection against welding fumes and particulates.

Heavy-Duty Adflo

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3. Seamless grinding functionality

Every full-time welder needs to grind at some point: as such, you should be able to effortlessly switch between weld and grinding with your respiratory protection still in place. Speedglas offers several options to this effect: the first being external grind mode on the 9100 Air (part no. 507726). With the press of an external button you can activate grind mode, then be back ready to weld by simply pressing the button again.

Alternatively, the 9100 FX Air (part no. 547726) boasts a smooth flip-up mechanism to reveal a large, high-impact grinding visor for crystal clear 180-degree vision. It’s an ideal solution for your grinding needs, and also enables you to comfortably set-up, inspect and move around the workplace without needing to remove your face protection or break the positive pressure respiratory seal.

Finally, if you’re grinding for extended periods, you may want the option of shedding unnecessary weight from your welding helmet altogether. The new Speedglas G5-01 (part no. 617830) is a flip-up helmet that can also be fully customised to non-welding tasks - you can quickly whip off the welding visor to make your helmet 35% lighter, then easily reattach it whenever necessary!

Grind mode

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4. Gloves that can handle the heat

Investing in the right gloves will not only protect your hands from the heat, but also save you time and money in the long run. As a pro welder, you’ll no doubt be looking for a pair that can stand up to an intense workload! Look no further than the TEGERA 134 Welding Gloves and their premium Swedish quality.

The TEGERA 134 a seriously premium glove that combines unrivalled internal comfort and dexterity with maximum external durability. Able to withstand contact heat of up to 100°C, the 134’s are water and oil repellant and made from the industry’s best full grain goatskin: the ultimate line of defence against sparks and spatter!


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5. Boots made for welding

The Welding Code of Practice released by Safe Work Australia advises welders to avoid foot protection that has the potential to capture hot sparks and metal debris, citing laces as a prime example of a weld slag collection area. In other words… if your boots have laces, they aren’t proper welding boots!

With this in mind, the Jalas Titan Welding Boots have been designed for hard-wearing conditions, with a heat-resistant outsole that’s purpose-built for welding. Jalas boots provide the highest level of protection, excellent grip regardless of conditions, proven durability and no weld slag collection areas: truly a must for hardcore welders!

Jalas Boots

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