Belt or Backpack? What’s the best way to carry your Adflo unit?

Article By: Team AWS

Welders everywhere are making the switch to powered air purifying respirators (PAPR) in the knowledge that they provide 5 times greater respiratory protection than a properly fitted half-face disposable or reusable respirator.

However, no one wants a bulky unit that’s going to take its toll on the body over long periods. When it comes to powered air respirators, the weight and comfort of the system is almost as high a priority as the level of protection it offers.

Speedglas respiratory welding helmets with Adflo PAPR focus on maintaining welders’ safety without compromising their comfort: that’s why the 3M™ Adflo™ PAPR unit was recently reduced in weight by over 15%. It’s also why there are two viable ways to wear your Adflo PAPR system, so you can decide which is the best fit for you!

1. Around the waist

Adflo belt

The belt (part number 83 50 00) comes as standard with every Adflo PAPR unit and is designed for maximum comfort and optimised mobility over extended periods. A large surface area allows the weight of your respirator to be evenly distributed, so your Adflo system can do its job without feeling like a burden!

What’s more, the Adflo belt has proven durability: made from leather, it holds up well in heavy duty working environments and will effectively weather the sparks and spatter that come your way as you weld.

Ultimately, the belt’s functionality (along with the Adflo as a whole) is built around prolonged periods of use. In this vein, it includes ventilation holes to allow for air to escape and ensure increased breathability for all day welding. As a result, you should feel less constricted and be able to breathe the clean air provided by the Adflo as comfortably as possible! Lastly, if you find your belt is a bit of a tight fit, an extension (part number 83 50 05) is available to take the pressure off and free up your breathing.

2. On your back

Adflo backpack

The alternative to the belt is the Adflo backpack attachment (part number 95 40 15)! This option is also geared towards improved wearability; distributing the weight of the Adflo system evenly for extra comfort, only this time across your back and shoulders. Whether this is more efficient than a belt across the waist is really a matter of personal preference.

One notable benefit of the backpack is that its positioning means the Adflo system can access cleaner air further away from the welding pool, arc and fumes. This will place the Adflo under less duress and improve its longevity, as the system and its various filters will not be as overrun by the particles emanating from the plume source.

The PAPR unit’s placement on your back will also further protect it from sparks, spatter and other materials, increasing the lifespan of the filter cover and spark arrestor and thus saving you money in the long run.

So which should you choose?

As stated previously, the ‘belt or backpack’ debate largely comes down to your own preferences; both are valid choices to keep your Adflo unit secure while you focus on your welds!

There’s no better way to find what works for you than trying both on in store, so why not visit your local stocking distributor? You can quickly and easily find your nearest stockist using our ‘Where to Buy’ tool here.

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