3M Science of Safety Podcast: Welding Hazards - Part 2

Article By: Team AWS

The second instalment of the 3M Science of Safety Welding Hazards podcast is now available.

In this episode, AWS’ very own Craig Leech (NSW Sales Manager and Technical Specialist) returns with Mark Reggers for part two of the welding hazards episode where they dive deeper into the associated risks and the control measures required to keep welders safe.

In this episode, Mark & Craig discuss the following:

What are some more of the key hazards that are associated with the various types of welding?

What controls should workplaces be considering?

What have been the biggest changes you’ve seen around welding safety?

Where can workplaces go to get more information around welding hazards and welding controls?

Whether you are a welder, or somebody who employs welders, this episode provides great insight into the everyday hazards welders face.

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