3M Science of Safety Podcast: Welding Fume

Article By: Team AWS

In 2018, AWS wrote a Welding Fume White Paper - "Welding fume: a known carcinogen" - which focuses on the reclassification, the effects and what it means for welders and their employers across Australia and New Zealand.

Off the back of the AWS White Paper, Terry Gorman, 3M’s Occupational Hygienist for the Personal Safety Division in Australia and New Zealand, joins Mark Reggers to discuss welding fume in more detail.

In this episode, Terry and Mark discuss the following:

  • The reclassification and what it means for Australian workplaces
  • Reducing welding fume exposures
  • Workplace exposure standards
  • Determining which contaminants are in a workplace
  • In light of the recent IARC reclassification, has the Australian exposure standard been revised?
  • How do the Australian exposure standards stack up to the rest of the world?
  • If I am an Australian workplace with welding operations, what can I do to protect my welders from this known carcinogen?
  • What welding fume controls should a workplace be thinking about based on the hierarchy of control?
  • Where can workplaces go to get more information around welding hazards and welding controls?

Have a listen below! 

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This document pulls together relevant information from multiple sources into one easy-to-read document, so that employers of welders and welders themselves can make better decisions regarding welding fume and suitable respiratory protective measures.

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