20 Years of Adflo PAPR - Part 2!

Article By: Team AWS

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the award-winning Adflo PAPR, here’s part 2 of our rundown of the top 20 Adflo features!

11. Easy to use

The Adflo has a refreshingly simple and practical design, making it easy to remove and replace filters when necessary (see breakdown below).

Adflo breakdown

12. Filter status updates

The Adflo PAPR features a particle loading indicator – to let you know when you should look to change your particle filter. When the indicator is green you’re good to go, while red indicates it’s time for a change. Changing out your filters regularly also helps to extend your battery life, so being able to see your filter’s status at a glance is a win-win!

13. Lithium-ion battery

The Adflo PAPR now comes with an upgraded Lithium-ion standard battery, 40% lighter than its predecessor!

14. Odour Filter

An odour filter (part no. 837110) is available as an optional extra, with a charcoal filter layer to help absorb unpleasant odours.

15. Quick release breathing tube

The self-adjusting quick release breathing tube allows for simple one handed connection and release.

16. Noise level

The maximum noise level produced by the Adflo is 75dB, which is below the point at which noise is considered harmful to the human ear (85dB).

17. Belt

The Adflo comes standard with a lightweight, durable and ergonomic leather belt, which can be adjusted for maximum comfort and is designed to offer additional back support.

18. Backpack

As an optional alternative to the belt, the Adflo can also be carried on a backpack to evenly and comfortably distribute the weight across your shoulders!

19. Compatible with multiple helmets

In the event that you want to swap out your existing Speedglas respiratory helmet for a new model (e.g FX Air to G5-01), you can save money by simply upgrading your headtop and connecting it to your existing Adflo (rather than having to pay for a whole new system)!

20. Beard friendly

Finally, and in contrast to disposable and reuseable respirators, the positive pressure seal offered by a powered air respirator means you can rock all the facial hair you want without compromising your respiratory protection!

View the range of Speedglas welding helmets with Adflo PAPR here

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