3M™ Peltor™ Protac™ III Slim Headband Earmuffs

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3M™ Peltor™ Protac III Slim Headband Earmuffs (part number MT13H220A).

The Peltor Protac III slim earmuffs offer low-profile hearing protection against harmful sounds while still helping you to hear ambient sounds below 82dB.

  • Slim-profile ear cups are lightweight
  • Ambient listening with level-dependent function
  • 3.5mm stereo input allows connection to electronic devices (phone, two-way radio, iPod)
  • Voice-guided menu system
  • Power automatically turns off after 4 hours non-use
  • Low battery warning sound
  • Also available in standard version (part number MT13H221A).

The Peltor Protac III earmuff headset is excellent when performing tasks in high noise environments where communication is essential. The Protac III standard headset allows users to hear ambient noise below 82decibels while still receiving high level hearing protection against harmful noise.

Easily connect your phone, two-way radio or iPod using to your Protac earmuffs via the 3.5mm stereo input jack to experience comfortable all-day listening.

The new Protac III headset features a voice-guided operating menu which makes operation easy. These earmuffs are also available in a slim-profile version (see part number MT13H220A).

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