3M™ Half Face Welder's Reusable Respirator Starter Kit 7500 Series - GP2

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3M™ 7500 Series Half Face Respirator Starter Kit (part number 7528).

The 3M reusable respirator 7528 starter kit provides excellent protection for common applications including welding, soldering, grinding and drilling.

  • Reusable respirator kit is ideal for working in hot and humid conditions or during prolonged use
  • Mask has 3M™ Cool Flow™ valve to reduce exhalation resistance and heat build-up
  • Comfortable head harness avoids pressure points to help minimise fatigue
  • Low-profile design minimises interference with your field of view
  • 3M 2128 filters provide GP2 Particulate, Organic Vapours (with low vapour pressure) and Nuisance Level* Acid Gas protection
  • To avoid moisture and contaminant exposure, store the respirator in the handy, sealable storage container
  • Kit Contains:
  • 1 x 3M™ Half Face Respirator 7500 Series – Medium
  • 1 x pair of 3M™ Particle & Metal Fume Filters 2128, GP2
  • 4 x 3M™ Respirator Cleaning Wipes 504
  • 1 x pair of 3M™ Skull Screws™ Earplugs P1300, Class 5 (SLC80: 26dB)
  • 1 x 3M™ Respiratory Protection Guide
  • 1 x Handy Storage Container.


The 3M 7528 Reusable Respirator Starter Kit offers convenient protection against Particulates, Organic Vapours (with low vapour pressure) and Nuisance Level* Acid Gases.  Ideal for working in hot and humid conditions, the 3M 7500 series mask has a Cool Flow™ valve which minimises heat build-up for all day comfort.

The 7500 respirator utilises a twin filter system, which means a more even weight distribution and easy connection with a range of filters including the 2128 GP2 filters. The dual filter design also allows for lower breathing resistance and increased comfort for prolonged use.

Along with the 7500 respirator and 3M 2128 filters, the respirator starter kit also contains 3M 504 respirator cleaning wipes for easy maintenance and a pair of 3M Skull Screws P1300 Earplugs, giving you Class 5 hearing protection. A 3M respiratory protection guide is also included with information on changing your filters and maintaining your reusable respirator. When not in use, remember to store your respirator in the storage container provided to avoid exposure to moisture and contaminants.

*Nuisance levels are those below the Workplace Exposure Standard (WES).  

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